Commercial Cleaning Services Chicago IL


Chicago commercial cleaning services cover bigger cleaning jobs that aren’t required on a regular basis. At Scrub King, most customers hire us for commercial cleaning once or twice a year. You can do this on a one-time basis or build it into your regular janitorial services. This allows us to fulfill your needs and provide you with timely services that meet and exceed your expectations.


What is Commercial Cleaning and What Does it Include?


The main difference between commercial cleaning and other types of cleaning is that it’s reserved for larger projects. For example, if you have an event coming up or construction work has been done on your building, commercial cleaning in Chicago will remove dust, grime and bacteria from windows, surfaces, upholstery and more.


Scrub King provides customized services that meet our customers’ needs. We’ll take a look at your facility, its size and the types of services you need, and then we can determine the best course of action. Below are some of the services included with our Chicago commercial cleaning:


  • Carpet cleaning and stain removal

  • Hard surface floor cleaning

  • Window washing

  • Power washing

  • Furniture and upholstery cleaning

  • Vapor Blasting


What Chicago Businesses Require Commercial Cleanings?


Almost all types of businesses benefit from Chicago commercial cleaning services, including schools, doctors’ offices, office buildings, manufacturing plants, daycares and retail stores. With employees, customers and visitors coming in and out of these facilities every day, they require deeper cleanings from time to time. While day-to-day janitorial services are essential, they don’t clean upholstery, lift stains from carpet or remove dirt and grime from windows.


How Much Does a Commercial Cleaning Service Cost in Chicago?


Scrub King provides personalized quotes for each client based on the size of their facility and the extent of cleaning they require. This is why we can’t provide a firm price, but you can expect our prices to be transparent, honest and upfront. We never sneak in added costs or hidden fees. Our commercial cleaning company in Chicago provides prices that are also competitive and right in line with other Chicago cleaning companies.


If you’re interested in a commercial clean, give us a call and we’ll provide you with a customized quote. You can expect larger facilities to cost more because there is more labor involved, though you will pay less per square foot. Other factors that will influence your overall costs are number of windows, bathrooms and kitchens, number of cleaning tasks and how long it takes to do the job.


What are the Benefits of Commercial Cleaning in Chicago?


Most people are aware that commercial cleanings are necessary to keep their workspaces neat and tidy, but there are other benefits beyond this. For example, did you know that clean offices improve employee satisfaction and productivity?


Here are some advantages to using our commercial cleaning company in Chicago:


  • Healthy work environment. With a clean space, you can expect improved indoor air quality and healthier employees who take less time off work.


  • Save time. Hiring a professional cleaning service allows you to focus on the core competencies of your business. Do what you do best and we’ll do what we do best! Together, we’ll make a great team!


  • Motivating atmosphere. A well-maintained workspace promotes a productive and efficient business. Your employees will feel valued and be motivated to put their best foot forward.


  • Make a great first impression. Whether it’s partners, new hires or customers, you want your business to make a great first impression. A spotless office is one of the best ways to show others that you go above and beyond for their satisfaction.


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Chicago has a diverse and busy business clientele. This is why our city is commonly ranked as a top place for small businesses and large enterprises. To ensure your facility maintains a professional image, you need a reliable cleaning company by your side. Scrub King is that company - our cleaning staff is highly trained and our company is licensed, bonded and insured. Contact our bonded commercial cleaning company in Chicago IL today for your personalized quote.