Project Disinfecting / Sanitizing Trailer Cleaning

As we are living in these unprecedented times, our company has taken the initiative to ensure the safety of your project team and the public. We offer COVID-19 Spraying service at your project. It is our #1 priority to make sure everyone is staying safe and healthy! Our company has taken the initiative to train our employees and have certified professionals to spray, disinfect, and sanitize your sites. Please feel reassured that we follow all CDC, EPA, and WHO guidelines as we clean and disinfect on-site trailers, project site field offices, wellness pods, security offices, and any other critical project areas that need to be maintained as your projects progresses. We offer daily, weekly, or bi-weekly schedules to meet the demands of your project. To set up an on-site appointment call us today! 


What are the Benefits of Commercial Cleaning in Chicago?


Most people are aware that commercial cleanings are necessary to keep their workspaces neat and tidy, but there are other benefits beyond this. For example, did you know that clean offices improve employee satisfaction and productivity?


Here are some advantages to using our commercial cleaning company in Chicago:


  • Healthy work environment. With a clean space, you can expect improved indoor air quality and healthier employees who take less time off work.


  • Save time. Hiring a professional cleaning service allows you to focus on the core competencies of your business. Do what you do best and we’ll do what we do best! Together, we’ll make a great team!


  • Motivating atmosphere. A well-maintained workspace promotes a productive and efficient business. Your employees will feel valued and be motivated to put their best foot forward.


  • Make a great first impression. Whether it’s partners, new hires or customers, you want your business to make a great first impression. A spotless office is one of the best ways to show others that you go above and beyond for their satisfaction.


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Chicago has a diverse and busy business clientele. This is why our city is commonly ranked as a top place for small businesses and large enterprises. To ensure your facility maintains a professional image, you need a reliable cleaning company by your side. Scrub King is that company - our cleaning staff is highly trained and our company is licensed, bonded and insured. Contact our bonded commercial cleaning company in Chicago IL today for your personalized quote.